Matt's Stratego Site

I was introduced to Stratego when I was about 12. I cant recall how we got the game but it was probably a Christmas present but I don't think I'll ever forget the tactics or game play from that time. This is one game where clever setup, smart tactics and bluffing can really make a big difference in winning a game.

I decided to do this page after I saw a copy of the game in a store and was compelled to buy it immediately.

One thing I noticed was that the game had to be prepared by assembling the pieces. Heres a page on the assembly process.

The other extra you get that wasn't in my original copy is a dividing screen. This allows you to set up your army in any order without giving any clues away to the opposition.

I've done a page on some of the tactics I have learned. It's by no means a conclusive guide, just a few tips about army setup and psychological warfare.

A couple of other things I found interesting about this copy of the game. One is that they have reversed the numbering system so that now the best ranking officer, the Field Marshal, is numbered 10, where as in the old game it was numbered 1. This shouldn't really make any difference to the game play but it did seem to take me quite a while to get my head around it and I managed this by calling pieces by their rank instead of their number. The other thing I found is that the game box has a great storage system for the pieces which I have photographed here.

One question that comes up often is how do you pronounce Stratego. I believe that the name of the game is clearly a variation on the word “strategy” and therefor the correct pronunciation should be “strateg – oh”. I think nearly every one else thinks it should be pronounced “strat – tee – go”.





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